Aluminum CNC Machining

Aluminum is a soft, malleable metal that combines high tensile strength with low density. It has a density of about 30% of steel or copper and 40% of titanium, with tensile strength of 400 MPa as an alloy. When exposed to oxygen, aluminum forms a thin layer of oxidation that provides the metal with protection against corrosion, water and wear. It has high thermal and electrical conductivity properties.

Aluminum milling is easy to cast and its properties make it an ideal material for precision components in machinery, motors and high wear, corrosive environments. Due to its thermal and electrical conductivity properties, aluminum is a good material for heat exchangers and heat processing equipment and for connectors in electrical equipment.

Aluminum CNC Machining

• Use high cutting speeds to prevent chipping.

• Cuts should be substantial enough to prevent the tool from riding the surface of the work to prevent work hardening. Aluminum cuts can be deeper than with stainless steel. • Maintain high feed rates.

• Temperature is not affected by feed rate so much as by speed, and the highest feed rates consistent with good machining should be used.

• Use sharp tools and replace them at the first sign of wear. Dull tools cause work hardening and glazing of the metal surface. • Never stop feeding while tool and work are in moving contact. Allowing a tool to dwell in moving contact causes work hardening.

• Coolants and lubricants are required to counteract the heat generated at the cutting edges of the tools.


CNC Machining aluminum is used throughout industry for products that require a lightweight, malleable material with high strength, high wear and corrosion resistant properties. These products include automotive components and frames, marine components, ladders, enclosures, machine guards and structural supports and trusses. Due to its thermal properties, aluminium is a popular material for HVAC equipment, heat exchangers and tanks. Its electrical conductivity properties make it an ideal material for electrical connectors and equipment.

Chucking Machine Products specializes in ultra-precision machined parts for the aerospace and defense industries. Some of the products we machine for our customers include:

• Airframes, structural frames, trusses and bulkheads for aircraft, missiles and support equipment that must provide lightweight high strength support for aircraft and aerospace equipment

• Equipment boxes, covers and enclosures that are lightweight, strong and that may require thermal or electrical conductivity

• Turbine blades and components for engines, compressors and turbines

• Tubes and shafts for running cable