7 Axis Machining Services

Chucking Machine Products (CMP) provides 7 axis machining services for complex parts. CMP specializes in machining complex parts for aerospace, defense and high-tech applications that require ultra-precise dimensions and are manufactured using hard-to-machine metals. With over 50 years of experience machining highly complex parts, we have the expertise to manufacture complex products as diverse as motor components, gears, fuel nozzles and landing gear for high wear, harsh environments.

Our 45,000 sq. ft. production facility is equipped with the latest technology. Our 7 axis CNC turning center can combine multiple complex operations into one machining process, reducing production time and tooling costs while increasing accuracy and quality of the finished part. Our capabilities include:

  • 3D modeling and CAD drawings
  • Four (4) 7 axis machining centers, utilizing live tooling and sub spindle work to finish parts complete
  • Finished part diameters from 1" to 10"
  • Standard tolerances to .0001”
  • All metals, including stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and exotic metals. We specialize in working with nickel alloys, including Inconel®, Hastolloy® and Waspaloy®
  • Prototypes through full production runs
  • Complete finishing services, including sub-assembly and assembly services
  • Complete quality control, including CMM and full testing of parts and materials

Our products are ISO 9001:2001 certified.

Chucking Machine has a proven track record of providing ultra-precision complex parts and components that can meet the most demanding requirements. With a CMP part, you can be assured that the part will meet or exceed your requirements, be delivered production-ready, and will perform well in the most demanding applications. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality part, each time and every time.